sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

Howard WEBB

WEBB Howard
Role: Referee
Country: EnglandENG UEFA
Date of Birth: 14.07.1971
Height: 188 cm
Place of residence: LONDON
Occupation: Professional Football Referee
Mother tongue: English
International since: 2005
First international: Northern Ireland-Portugal (15.11.2005)
Hobbies: Family
Fondest memory: UEFA Euro Austria-Switzerland 2008 Final

World Cup Matches:
World Cup 2010:
Spain 0:1 Switzerland (16.06.2010)
Slovenia 3:2 Italy (24.06.2010)
Brazil 3:0 Chile (28.06.2010) Round of 16

Assistant Referees:
Darren CANN
Country: England ENG
Date of Birth
: 22.01.1969

Country: England ENG
Date of Birth
: 03.05.1970

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