lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Michael HESTER

HESTER Michael
Role: Referee
Country: New ZealandNZL OFC (Oceania)
Date of Birth: 02.05.1972
Height: 181 cm
Occupation: Naval Officer
Mother tongue: English
International since: 2007
First international: Tahiti-New Caledonia (25.08.2007)
Hobbies: Snowboarding, hiking, golf
Fondest memory: 2008 Beijing Olympics, USA v. Netherlands (2-2) (10.08.2008); U-17 World Cup Nigeria 2009 semi-final

World Cup Matches:
World Cup 2010:
Korea Republic 2:0 Greece (12.06.2010)
 England 0-0 Algeria (18.06.2010)*
USA 1-2 Ghana (26.06.2010)

*As fourth official

Assistant Referees:
Jan-Hendrik HINTZ
Country: New Zealand NZL
Date of Birth
: 24.06.1976

Country: Tonga TGA
Date of Birth
: 26.11.1976

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